Electrode Types & Placement Recommendations for TENS Units

Electrode Types and Sizes

Electrodes are available in a broad range of sizes and shapes. Since many electrodes are available, patients can select their required electrode according to their needs or the body part they want to use the electrode on. 

For instance, two of the smaller TENS patches on any of the sides of the spine. They can be used to treat neck pain by being applied to the back of the neck. The larger versions of the patches can be applied to treat muscular pain in the upper legs or the back.

Let us take a look at the standard shapes and sizes electrodes are available in:

2 X 2″ Square Electrodes

This is the most popular size and shape of electrodes. The majority of the TENS devices contain two output wires that are connected to two self-sticking electrodes each. So, that means simultaneously; four electrodes can be applied to the body. 

The recommended body areas where the electrodes should be used are the hips, thighs, knees, shoulders, and neck. They can also be used for pain related to a herniated disk, upper back pain, and sciatica pain.

2 X 2″ Round Electrodes

These electrodes are the best for smaller body parts such as ankles, cervical pain, elbow pain, wrists, and neck. Apart from that, they are also excellent for pain regions related to migraine headaches or carpal tunnel syndrome. 

2 X 4″ Oval Electrodes

These are typically used for pelvic pain, foot pain, or hip pain.

2 X 3.5″ Rectangular Electrodes

These function effectively on regions such as the forearms, thighs, knees, and lower back.

3″ x 5″ Rectangle Ultra MicroBlock Antimicrobial Electrodes 

These electrodes function best for upper/lower back pain, menstrual cramps, muscle therapy, or massage. These electrodes mainly help eliminate and halt the spread of common harmful bacteria present on or around the region where the electrode is being administered.

4″ X 6″ Butterfly Electrode

These electrodes give the users maximum coverage over sizeable areas like the lower back. If you follow an active lifestyle, then these electrodes will prove flexible enough to accommodate it.

7″ X 3″ Butterfly Medium Electrode

This electrode is fantastic for pain around the knee, thighs, neck, shoulders, upper back pain, and lower back pain.

8″ X 3.5″ Butterfly Large Electrode

This electrode works the best for more significant regions such as the area around the knee, thighs, neck, shoulders, upper and lower back. 

Recommended Placement of Electrodes

To ensure that your TENS therapy turns out successful, it is crucial to carry the electrode’s placement properly. Before placing the electrodes on the desired body part, be sure to check that the machine is powered off. Follow these tips regarding the placement of the electrodes :

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As we have explained above, electrodes play a very significant role in pain relief and therapy. It is vital to use the electrodes properly. Be sure to place them as per the given guidelines for a fruitful outcome. Furthermore, ensure that you check the machine and the electrodes before every session and replace them if worn out.